Corehammer Chiller

30th July, 2017

Awesome and very rare day to Warhammer World yesterday and was great to game and catch up with everyone who could make it down or up. Read the rest of this entry…

Sons Of Horus

28th July, 2017

First batch of my Sons Of Horus are finished which my friend Ben has done an amazing job on them. It will take a while until I have a full 2000 points but it isn’t a priority so hopefully by the end of the year. Read the rest of this entry…

Leica M3 Test Shots

25th July, 2017

First few films from the M3 came through and a few already inline for the next zine, which is nearly there just needs a little more tweaking but will be done soon… I hope. Read the rest of this entry…

The Legend…

14th July, 2017

My mam shot with a Rolleiflex and Ilford HP5 120mm film.

Deadbeat Club…

12th July, 2017

Few new zines from Deadbeat Club showed up in todays post.

Belated 210…

12th July, 2017

Turned up last night to find a Polaroid 210 land camera sitting in the recycle bin (I was told it was left there) and this is a really good example in great condition. I will get the batteries updated and then fire off some test shots but my Leica M3 is back today from it’s CLA so next few days will be spent on my first test film on that. A roll of 120mm film is being developed now which where shot from my Rolleiflex. Read the rest of this entry…

Portfolio of work

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New store facelift here Static Age. Go buy some zines by some of the most incredible artists in the world.


This website is to showcase my design and photography work from different parts of my career, what I like and to capture what I am doing at the moment. If you would like a list of my published works just get in touch. I run Static Age Publishings so swing by the site and check out the latest releases by some incredible people and artists.

I try and update this site every few days/weeks usually with pictures of work, toys, music and other happenings in my life.