New Zine Tuesday…

1st August, 2017

Great mail day with the first two zines by Thomas Cantwell.

Static Age Volume 2 Update…

31st July, 2017

Getting stuck into Volume 2 and some new ideas of off shoots on what and where I can go next so pretty excited about it all coming together. My M3 is definitely starting to help get my focus on what I prefer to shoot but determined to find the time to shoot more with my SX-70 and Polaroid 250 later in the year. Read the rest of this entry…

Corehammer Chiller

30th July, 2017

Awesome and very rare day to Warhammer World yesterday and was great to game and catch up with everyone who could make it down or up. Read the rest of this entry…

Sons Of Horus

28th July, 2017

First batch of my Sons Of Horus are finished which my friend Ben has done an amazing job on them. It will take a while until I have a full 2000 points but it isn’t a priority so hopefully by the end of the year. Read the rest of this entry…

Leica M3 Test Shots

25th July, 2017

First few films from the M3 came through and a few already inline for the next zine, which is nearly there just needs a little more tweaking but will be done soon… I hope. Read the rest of this entry…

The Legend…

14th July, 2017

My mam shot with a Rolleiflex and Ilford HP5 120mm film.

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