27th December, 2012

Well it finally turned up but with no free patch… oh dear


Custom Grody

22nd December, 2012

Well it took over 8 months for this to arrive but that’s another story (Not Lulubell Toys fault mind). So happy to finally have it and it looks amazing Luke is one hell of a talent. Read the rest of this entry…

Converge/Napalm Death split 7″

20th December, 2012

Converge/Napalm Death split 7″ just dropped through the door and took me a while to find a copy which was not a stupid price on eBay.

HEAVY Magazine

20th December, 2012

It is with great pleasure to announce that I am now the Art Director for Australian heavy metal magazine HEAVY. Work starts now on issue five which is due to come out end of January. Very excited to get the opportunity on this magazine and looking forward to the future.

Shepard Fairey & Bad Brains print

18th December, 2012

My first Shepard Fairey, Obey Giant screen print and what a better way to start a collection then getting the Bad Brains print. This was limited to 450 copies and is signed by Shepard Fairey and all the members of Bad Brains. This is a true collectors item and will be framed and mounted even if the Mrs says no. Read the rest of this entry…

Emergency Services Shoot

17th December, 2012

Today I spend my time running around an abandoned college in Gateshead with the Northumbria Police and local emergency servies. It was a training exercise to see just how the emergency services would react and I was there to video the entire thing for them. Another one planned for Wednesday so must remember think socks and gloves.

Portfolio of work

Online Store

New store facelift here Static Age. Static Age Volume 01 is now sold out and Volume 02 is up right now so go spend all your money.


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