Package of the year…

30th January, 2013

If your not aware of Steve Byrne as being one of the world’s best tattooists then your a cracker. I have known Steve since… oh god I will not say as it makes me feel old but needless to say he is a good friend. On my last trip I didn’t get the chance to bring home the original artwork for the Grace t-shirt he designed for us so apart form taking ages to get here this package showed up. Read the rest of this entry…

Custom Grody Shogun

28th January, 2013

The final Custom Grody Shogun monster has arrived and even though it has taken over a year to get I am still pretty stoked about it landing and getting the little blue guy as a gift was also a nice surprise. Read the rest of this entry…

Death & Honor print off in the post

25th January, 2013

First print sale of the year, probably because I only have one for sale at the minute and the Death & Honor print is nearly sold out as well only a few left (well 10). This one is off to Milwaukee though so you can’t have it. Thanks again to everyone who has bought prints off me in the past and 2013 I will be printing so much more since I have my own set up now. Read the rest of this entry…

Ghoul vinyl

24th January, 2013

Last night I managed to get the car and drive into town (That’s Newcastle) to catch Cannabis Corpse and supporting them where Ghoul. Needless to say they where amazing and the GWAR type of stage show was definitely entertaining so much so I had to go buy at least one of their records and the fact it was this awesome colour split I would say it was a rather good night.

Glow Bone Damnedron

23rd January, 2013

Thanks to more awesome people form Skullbrain I snagged this missing Damnedron for a few quid and considering it was going to cost around £60 plus shipping I think I even bet that for the cost of the shipping. Another great post day… what will be next?

Circuit Magazine Issue out now…

17th January, 2013

Issue 18 is now out and ready for iPad and Kindle as well as the proper version which lets face it is the best kind. Nothing like a freshly printed magazine… that smell (yeah perv). Read the rest of this entry…

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