The Falkous Family Christmas Tree

8th December, 2012

Well are usual we get the biggest tree on the world and yes your right it is amazing. Merry Christmas from the Falkous clan.

Balder’s Gate for iPad

7th December, 2012

Well if your a total nerd then this will get you more excited than the Hobbit film coming out next week. Balder’s Gate is out now for the for iPad so go by it and let Dungeons & Dragons take over your world… goodbye world.


6th December, 2012

STATIC is a new personal project I am working on which is a personal music quest.

Ned’s Atomic Dustbin in Wolverhampton

2nd December, 2012

Last night was one of the greatest nights I have ever had. It has been around 20 years since I last caught NADB and man it felt like being 15 all over again. Amazing set list as they played the entire song list from their video ‘Nothing Is Cool’ due to the fact that they are re-releasing it onto to DVD in the next few weeks. Read the rest of this entry…

Converge in Manchester

30th November, 2012

Not sure how many years it was now when I put these on in Newcastle in front of about 20 people. Now look at em… so good to see a band that are this good doing so well over the years and unlike some bands they seem to get better and better with each release. I am hoping my pre-order of the new vinyl will be here any day now as well.

Lister piece in Newcastle

27th November, 2012

Spotted this a while ago but just got round to taking a pic today. It’s on High Bridge Street in Newcastle if you want to track it down.

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New store facelift here Static Age. Static Age Volume 01 is now sold out and Volume 02 is up right now so go spend all your money.


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