Pay day treats…

25th August, 2017

Finally picked up the Converge Blu-Ray and the new Limp Wrist LP which is simply just amazing, and with the fact I didn’t think they would release anything else was a nice surprise to see it listed in new releases.

Abandoned Petrol Station

20th August, 2017

Found this place on the way to Sunderland last week and jumped out with my M3 to shoot a roll and love the way these have come out. Few more in the post…
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Dead Cross

20th August, 2017

I know I never go into depth in my posts although that is something I will change with the Static Age site which yes is still in the sketch book however that will be super simple and clean but will take the time when posting with it as it will only be used for my photography. Anyway this Dead Cross record is fucking great so go buy or steal it.

Fuji FP-3000

19th August, 2017

Rare but one of my favourite films to shoots but at £45 (average) a pack then it’s something I don’t get to do that much although I have plenty in the film fridge it feels wrong to just being using it.

The Tau are coming…

14th August, 2017

Picked up this little lot for a few quid to start a new 40K army as although I love my Ultramarines I fancied something new and different. Thanks Jim for selling these off. Read the rest of this entry…

The Classic

5th August, 2017

Nothing better than a nice new pair of Vans Half Cabs, one of my favourite all time shoes and more importantly skater. So glad Vans have great sales these days and the new Anti Hero DVD will be getting played as soon as I can bothered to get up.

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