15th September, 2013

Well not bad anyway but should have done better. Need some new legs though…

The new and old

8th September, 2013

Dark Future pretty much failed as a game but I still have very found memories of this game from over 20 years ago trying to learn the rules and never even getting close to getting them right. I managed to get this all boxed with a load of cars and bikes pretty well painted and only need to address a touch ups. Read the rest of this entry…


3rd September, 2013

Well BAUX-USA Pens had a little Kickstarter project and for $29 for two pens which are designed and crafted by people who really care and love their project is a pleasure to be part of. BAUX Pens are custom machined aluminium pens that use Bic® pen parts. Oh and first post of the month… how exciting.

Chaos Space Marines

30th August, 2013

Staring my Chaos Space Marines army and got these buggers done and based and also picked up this… Read the rest of this entry…

JINN’s first ever gig…

28th August, 2013

Finally after… 11 years the video of JINN’s first ever gig is done and up online thanks to Graham Thompson who eventually joined JINN and made it even more awesome.


25th August, 2013

Finished off my latest edition to the fold with this Landraider. Took a while to get right but now very happy with how it turned out.

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