Nuclear Assault

12th June, 2013

I remember being 12 years old and buying Nuclear Assault’s ‘Handle With Care’ on vinyl and it totally blowing my mind. Bands such as Slayer and Metallica of course where amazing but something about NA just made them stand out for me above all the others. Anyway this is one hell of an lp and green vinyl as well what more do you want.

Birthday… Blades and RayBans

10th June, 2013

Man I don’t feel it but I am now 36 years old and to celebrate I thought I deserved a new pair of Raybans and and also a new razor. Things a real man cares about… oh and no toys which yes does seem rather strange however my Super7 Lucky Bag should be here in a few weeks so 9 new buggers to the collection soon enough.

The Beats go on…

10th June, 2013

My iBeats dies a few months ago now and only last week I thought that I should actually try and sort them out so within a week they replaced them with the new model which lets face it was rather nice of them.

Control in the studio…

8th June, 2013

So we (Control) just recorded four new songs… let us hope it don’t take another six months before they are released this time. Running time of 4.17mins says to me we are defo doing something right.

Control 2012 Demo… finally

8th June, 2013

Well we recorded this last September and it has taken this long for me to get a copy of it. And the old-school 3D design looks awesome.

Scott Ian ‘Spoken Word’

5th June, 2013

In all honesty I had no idea what to expect from Scott Ian’s ‘Spoken Word Tour’ and to sum it up… if you missed him you missed out as was really bloody good so shame on you.

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Online Store

New store facelift here C77 . Static Age Volume 01 is now sold out and Volume 02 will hopefully be send to print in the next few weeks for a November release. Last few prints and fabrics online for the 2016/17 season.