Tau Riptide

22nd September, 2017

First post of my new Tau army being painter by the talented Midgard Painting and friend Ben. You should check his stuff out and go get stuff commissioned by him as well. Hoping to have all these back by end of October. Read the rest of this entry…

Polaroid Originals

21st September, 2017

So Polaroid is back and Impossible Project is no more however this is a good thing as means prices are down, although not that much here in the UK and they have a new camera coming out in October which of course I have stuck on pre-order as by the looks of it and the cost of the i-Type film only being £15 then it will probably be used more than some of the others like the SX-70. The added flash and longer lasting battery which the i-1 had (pictured) but if you where lucky lasted two packs of film and it was done. Read the rest of this entry…


5th September, 2017

The new Mogwai album is out although it seems that nobody has given it a mention but it is another solid release. Lets hope they tour up this way as seems the dates are in the states and Leeds which if you got ticket you scored as that gig would be amazing in the Brunell Social Club. Read the rest of this entry…

Great start to the season.

5th September, 2017

First game of the season for the Newcastle Falcons got off to a great start with a win over Worcester with the final score being 35 to 8 which also meant we grabbed the bonus point and for the first time in a very long time managed to get top of the league however let’s face it there was only 2 games that night but at least it was a good start. Lets hope Sale away at the weekend brings back another win and get the season onto a huge roll.

Stocking up…

31st August, 2017

Past few weeks I have been stocking up on as many instant cameras I can find and its not easy but here are a few of the ones picked up over the past few days. Not sure if I will do these online or a stall again sometime but that will not be until next year at least anyway. Always looking for more and if you want to pick one up just give me a shout.

Caravan Spotting & Expired Film

26th August, 2017

Shot this odd looking placed caravan in York today with my Polaroid 250 and dropped in to Tynemouth Market and picked up some expired for a whole £5 which isn’t too bad.
Read the rest of this entry…

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