Santa Cruz ‘Star Wars’ Series…

27th March, 2014

OK no way I can top the baby post (RE-POSTED IT BACK TO THE TOP) and this doesn’t even come close but my Santa Cruz Skateboards ‘Star Wars’ Series 1 finally showed up and although I only bought a few these are without doubt the only two you needed. Read the rest of this entry…

KORG Pitchblack tuner

27th March, 2014

A few weeks back my Boss tuner for some reason packed up and even though it cost about £75 I felt a little robbed as it should have lasted me much longer. However I was shown the light with one of these KORG Pitchblack tuners and man these are incredible and cost £45 so as well as working perfectly it looks cooler and is in black.


20th March, 2014

We played our second gig last Sunday and friend and amazing photographer Bobby Charlton took some pics. Our first release will be out in a few months so check back for details…

Chaos Obliterator

18th March, 2014

It took a little while but my Chaos Obliterator is finally done and I am trying to work out how and when to use it but with a 750pt Corehammer tournament looming I may bring it out for that… we will see.

Steve Byrne Tattoo Book

12th March, 2014

So Steve send me his new book and prints so check out the pics in this post as they are so darn good… Read the rest of this entry…

Newcastle’s first COMIC CON

11th March, 2014

Pretty exciting I know and I the first Newcastle’s COMIC CON apart from the queues was pretty sweet especially when you get to meet Carl Weathers and get his autograph. I didn’t tale any photos but I did buy a new knife… Read the rest of this entry…

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