HEAVY Magazine…

22nd February, 2015

Nothing better than the fine smell of a proper printed magazine…  Read the rest of this entry…


16th February, 2015

Who would have thought I would be posting this up? well a few years ago I went to the driving range and for some reason never went back but now I have to admit I should have kept going. Nothing feels better sometimes than hitting something really hard and since I can’t Thai Box or do BJJ at the minute this is clearly the next best thing if not even better.

Vinyl day… again

14th February, 2015

So I ordered these fuckers a while ago but since the new Retox record was just released I guess they turned up on time. Anyway I ain’t listened to them but we all know they will be class.  Read the rest of this entry…

Usugrow : Works 2007-2013

2nd February, 2015

This just dropped through the door and WOW his work is amazing, very solid and fluid and maybe one or two ideas for ink in the future. Read the rest of this entry…

Vinyl haul…

2nd February, 2015

Well unknown to me I ordered a few records back in January (yeah I can’t remember that) but regardless here is a breakdown.

  • PLF “Ultimate Whirlwind of Incineration” – LP – limited edition to 100
  • Insect Warfare/The Kill – flexi 7” 2nd press on clear vinyl!
  • Archagathus – Dehumanizer – LP – black vinyl
  • Control – st 7″

Read the rest of this entry…

Alesis Q25

25th January, 2015

Never thought I would ever get round to buying a keyboard but with Static starting to take shape it made sense so instead of me doing what I usually would I decided to go buy the cheapest MIDI keyboard money can buy and the Alesis Q25 fits that bill however it will do everything I need it too so who gives a shit. Hopefully there will be a Static EP out around Easter time…

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