Nearly the end…

27th December, 2017

IN less than a week 2018 will be here and already I know it will be a crazy year. January will be interesting as a few developments personally are all kicking off and along with that I have a ton of zine developments with Static Age. Issue 2 is at the printers right now and should be with me in a week max. Limited to 25 copies and slightly larger at A5 with a mix of instant and 35mm film. Read the rest of this entry…

Sycamore Gap

11th December, 2017

Shot with Polaroid 250 Land Camera.

Happy Happy Happy…

5th December, 2017

Socks and yeah soon plenty to be happy about when justice is done and smashed. Volume 2 of Static Age is also finished and will be off to print end of the month.

Not another shot of the M3

5th December, 2017

Yeah it is but this time I got a lens cap… exciting I know.

Lens test shots

2nd December, 2017

First batch of shots taken with my latest lens which fits and works perfectly with my M3. More to come in the next few months but have one massive pain in the arse to do first which as it turns out will be more refreshing to sort than anything else in my life and it seems to be made a little easier this time just means it will take a little time to sort. Cryptic I know but damn its going to be fun… Read the rest of this entry…

Steely Pier…

26th November, 2017

A few iPhone shots as have to wait a week or so the film to come back from development. Steely Pier in Hartlepool and first time to go down and only shot one roll so need to go back and spend a good few hours down here shooting some different formats to see what kind of results each one makes. Read the rest of this entry…

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