Pig Destroyer ‘Mass & Volume’

23rd January, 2015

On lovely green vinyl as well.

Bring on the Chaos…

21st January, 2015

Been way to long since my last game but today and I was destroyed but good to see Chris doing well after his operation. Read the rest of this entry…

Static ‘001’

18th January, 2015

This has been on the cards for a long time now and I have finally got round to start writing my own self indulgent album under the name of Static so head on over to SoundCloud and have a preview of what is to come…

Pushead Haul…

16th January, 2015

Did a trade and swapped for these… I did good. Read the rest of this entry…

The Album Leaf

16th January, 2015

Got these in the post today… class day.

These boots are…

10th January, 2015

Cheap but just what I need.

Portfolio of work


This website is to showcase my work from different parts of my career, what I like and to capture what I am doing at the moment. If you would like a list of my published works just get in touch.

I try and update this site every few days/weeks usually with pictures of work, toys, music and other happenings in my life.

Online Store

New store facelift here C77 . Static Age Volume 01 is now sold out and Volume 02 will hopefully be send to print in the next few weeks for a November release. Last few prints and fabrics online for the 2016/17 season.