Imperial Knight

18th May, 2015

I picked this up about 6-9 months ago and over the past few weeks while I have had some time off and also a few days sick ) yeah poor me I decided to get this thing done. I do however need to add a little dry brushing and some transfers but I am pretty happy with how this has turned out. Loads of pics right here…  Read the rest of this entry…


11th May, 2015

… and I might have even written a review for the first time in years.  Read the rest of this entry…

T-shirt post day

11th May, 2015

Well I wasn’t expecting all this but great post day.

Oh my… X-Wing again

9th May, 2015

Yeah deal with it. Only got two games in today and both where really close but still really fun. OK time for bed… I might do some really exciting posts soon, or I might not who knows.  Read the rest of this entry…

BBA Journal

7th May, 2015

It happens once a year and the latest issue is now off to print with a nice little re-design and is looking way fresher so really happy with how it turned out. I will post some pics once I grab a copy for myself.  Read the rest of this entry…


1st May, 2015

So my blog seems to be all about X-wing and W40K these days and little design work… well you would be wrong but anyway got this in the post today and looking forward to see how it does in the game.

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