Enso screen print…

13th June, 2015

OK it has been way to long since my last screen print however that is about to change. First up will be my Enso print and although this is the design until I get the right paper sourced then the colours could change a little, plus I might add a splash of gold or silver in the mix on a few random ones. The first run will be limited to 25 and will roughly be 40x40cm maybe larger. These should be done sometime in August as June and July is looking like a crazy few months.

Julie & Chris McGreevy…

13th June, 2015

So today it was an honor to be present at Julie & Chris McGreevy wedding. Here is to an amzing future to some of the coolest kids in town.. CONGRATULATION.

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Game On…

8th June, 2015

The Newcastle Life Centre has an awesome exhibition on which runs until November called Game On which has over 100 arcades and consoles you can play all for free… well if you pay to get into the place they are but since I have a year pass it would be criminal not to go in at least once a week and spend a few hours smashing out some classics.  Read the rest of this entry…

Despise You

7th June, 2015

Just got back from seeing Despise You from LA and picked up their tour 7″.

Cramlington Skate Session… at 6.20am

7th June, 2015

Don’t bother it’s a pretty boring park with no good lines would say this is more for idiots on scooters. Maybe I should take up reviewing skate parks but only problem is they are never designed for skating.


6th June, 2015

Pretty much nothing more to say.

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