1st May, 2015

So my blog seems to be all about X-wing and W40K these days and little design work… well you would be wrong but anyway got this in the post today and looking forward to see how it does in the game.

Thunderfire Cannon

30th April, 2015

Finally got this back after 4 months… Looks class though but died first round without even firing.

X-Wing Tournament…

26th April, 2015

Today I popped into Newcastle to meet up with a few friends to get my eyes away from my laptop (finishing off HEAVY Issue 14) for a few games if we had time of X-Wing. Moments later it seemed that we had actually entered a 10 person tournament and although I was lets face it thinking oh dear I actually came 5th so pretty happy with that since I have only played a few games and the haul I got of new cards and tokens made it all worth it. Home now so lets get the issue finished as would like to go to bed.

Star Wars Episode 7…

16th April, 2015

Not long to go and they just released a new trailer and man this is going be the film of 2015 if not since Return of the Jedi. Check it out here…

For Macragge…

11th April, 2015

Today I took on Chris’s Grey Knights and after last weeks destruction decided to opt for a different approach and took my Ultramarines. Well lets say that was a pretty decent decision and I beat his ass and it seems that reading the Codex is a good idea… who would have thought eh?  Read the rest of this entry…

My bro hits 40…

5th April, 2015

So proud of this dude and 40 today… WOW thats kind of crazy and I wish him all the happiness in the world and I love the dude.

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