Bl’ast! “The Expression Of Power”

16th August, 2015

Bl’ast! “The Expression Of Power” on triple vinyl… go get it.

HEAVY Issue 15

8th August, 2015

Nothing like seeing your work in print. Latest issue of HEAVY is out now so either go download it or the buy real deal.

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Pushead skullHevi…

31st July, 2015

Finally got a single skullHevi and this is the ‘drippy trippy hippy hevi, the doublePour skullHevi feb 07 2015’… well that’s what the header cards says anyway.  Read the rest of this entry…

R.A.D. Magazine…

29th July, 2015

I lost all mine years ago so finding this little lot on eBay totally made up for it although I had loads of them and only having eight might not be close to what I had but it’s a start. Brings back so many memories and love the layouts as well. Great post day and fingers crossed some Pushead vinyl will be landing at my door.


21st July, 2015

So how can you talk about this? well you probably can’t explain it as this is one of the strangest experiences of my life and visiting Auschwitz I would recommend doing which might sound crazy but it has to be seen to be understood just what you will get from a visit. I took as many pictures as I could until my phone filled up but pics really don’t capture the feeling this place has.  Read the rest of this entry…


21st July, 2015

Kraków is a beautiful city and the people are also so friendly and so cheap as well to eat out so all that added up to an amazing holiday.  Read the rest of this entry…

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