X-Wing ‘The Force Awakens’

17th September, 2015

X-Wing ‘The Force Awakens’ starter set is finally out and the new Tie Fighters are pretty bloody good, ran 4 and only lost one after 6 rounds and some of the new cards are pretty decent so I will be looking into those more over the coming weeks. This is also the first X-Wing post for a while and I am guessing a load more to come.

Slayer ‘Repentless’ lp

12th September, 2015

Slayer ‘Repentless’ lp is rather bloody good. Another amazing review…

Tattoo Part 2

10th September, 2015

Second sitting went really and at least more more to go… only 3 weeks and counting.

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Nation of Ulysses Reissues

8th September, 2015

Nation of Ulysses Reissues, both amazing records and classics remastered.

Powell Peralta ‘Steve Steadham’

5th September, 2015

Vintage Powell Peralta ‘Steve Steadham’ in great condition just needs a little cleaning up and will hang on the wall.

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4th September, 2015

Double vinyl and yeah this album is amazing and 15 years since their last??? seems to have flown by.

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