29th August, 2015

Great start to new tattoo by Adam Smith. Next sitting less than two weeks away so hopefully a load more progress can be made as he is doing an amazing job so far can’t wait to see how this ends up. Read the rest of this entry…

Bringing down the hammer…

18th August, 2015

The drive to Kent is not the easiest when you don’t really like driving however it was well worth it go see my friend and his band play the very strange HEVY Fest… strange bill and atmosphere but that’s another story.  Anyway we got to hangout and make a few fan boys dreams come true and ok look its Judge everybody one the greatest bands of all time. Read the rest of this entry…

Super Shogun Boba Fett – Empire Version

17th August, 2015

Super Shogun Boba Fett – Empire Version… Not sure what to really say buy Super7 always deliver and this is one incredible addition to the collection… Read the rest of this entry…

Harder They Fall

16th August, 2015

Harder They Fall Issue 3 out now…  Read the rest of this entry…

Bl’ast! “The Expression Of Power”

16th August, 2015

Bl’ast! “The Expression Of Power” on triple vinyl… go get it.

HEAVY Issue 15

8th August, 2015

Nothing like seeing your work in print. Latest issue of HEAVY is out now so either go download it or the buy real deal.

Read the rest of this entry…

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This website is to showcase my design and photography work from different parts of my career, what I like and to capture what I am doing at the moment. If you would like a list of my published works just get in touch. I run Static Age Publishings so swing by the site and check out the latest releases by some incredible people and artists.

I try and update this site every few days/weeks usually with pictures of work, toys, music and other happenings in my life.