The eye…

29th September, 2015

I got this from my good friend Abi Barlow and you should check her work out as she is one of the most incredible artists I have ever meet and is a huge inspiration to me and has pushed my design loads. Check her stuff RIGHT HERERead the rest of this entry…

September sketching…

27th September, 2015

In the name of Jesus… well not really but I am just trying some new designs out on paper for the first time and on paper learning a few new techniques.

Read the rest of this entry…

Planned October release…

25th September, 2015

Limited to only 30 copies on heavy stock handmade paper which will measure approximately 50x50cm. Release date will hopefully be revealed soon.

First screenprint in an age…

22nd September, 2015

It has been nearly two years since my last screenprint and although I don’t move into my studio in October I had to get things started early. This time next week the first batch of this new design should be ready along with a few other screens good to go.

Circuit Issue 30

21st September, 2015

Circuit Issue 30 out right now…  Read the rest of this entry…

X-Wing ‘The Force Awakens’

17th September, 2015

X-Wing ‘The Force Awakens’ starter set is finally out and the new Tie Fighters are pretty bloody good, ran 4 and only lost one after 6 rounds and some of the new cards are pretty decent so I will be looking into those more over the coming weeks. This is also the first X-Wing post for a while and I am guessing a load more to come.

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New store facelift here Static Age. Go buy some zines by some of the most incredible artists in the world.


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