DIY Vacuum Press

7th October, 2015

With a little help from the internet and looking at a few YouTube clips decided to go buy everything needed for my ‘Vacuum Press’ and huge cost of around £35 and let’s face it these can cost up too £2000 in some places. A very simple process but the drilling of 330 holes kind of make you crazy but when I tested it I was blown away to the fact it worked. Can’t wait to get the hinges on and get printing with this set up as it’s going to make life so much easier.

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Deathfix & Cannibal Corpse

7th October, 2015

Picked up some new vinyl yesterday and the Deathfix lp is rather bloody god. Kind of wish I bothered to see them a few months back but on well I am sure I will live. I also got Cannibal Corpse ‘Torture’ on picture disc so only a few more and I have all their material on vinyl.

TRI-EYE Test Pulls

6th October, 2015

TRI-EYE Test Pulls… after sorting the screens I played with the colours after a discussion and made the black a slightly lighter dark grey and they look so much better having done that. I should have 10 online for sale next week so check back for updates and the TRI-LINES print will also be ready in a few weeks. Studio will also be up and running for end of November, really can’t wait to have my own space.

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Unholy Majesty “All is Dust”

1st October, 2015

Layout for the cassette release for Unholy Majesty’s “All is Dust” out pretty soon along with the vinyl.

The greatest dude int he world, Spike is 1 today…

30th September, 2015


Twin Rose

30th September, 2015

The Twin Rose screen print is up online right now so drop by the store HERE. Edition of only 14 and sized at A4 when trimmed printed on heavy textured stock paper. An A2 edition will follow later in the year.  Read the rest of this entry…

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