Canny Craft 6th December

26th October, 2015

I will be selling a few new prints in December at the Central Bar in Gateshead on the 6th along with a load of other people who are way better than me so come along. Link is here… This is my first fair so be nice.

Mogwai – Central Belters (6xLP)

24th October, 2015

Mogwai – Central Belters (6xLP)… Great packaging now let’s give this a spin.

Ludovico Einaudi ‘Elements’

22nd October, 2015

Ludovico Einaudi ‘Elements’ double album dropped in the mail today, such a great record.

TRI-EYE print now online

16th October, 2015

TRI-EYE screen print HERE on A2 paper and design is roughly A3. Printed using waterbased inks on heavy stock paper. If you place an order for one of these it could take a few extra weeks as only a few are ready and the rest will be done ASAP. Edition of 25 signed and numbered.  Read the rest of this entry…

When I Saw You… Screen print now online in the store

15th October, 2015

“When I Saw You I Fell in Love, and You Smiled Because You Knew” William Shakespeare. A3 screen print on 180gsm recycled paper using water based ink limited to 19 copies numbered and signed. CLICK HERE TO BUY

Christian Fitness ‘love letters in the age of steam’

15th October, 2015

Christian Fitness ‘love letters in the age of steam’ is out now HERE and yeah it’s my brother and yeah he’s awesome so go and buy it.

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