Samurai for Frostgrave

29th January, 2016

I wanted to do something a little different for Frostgrave and for some reason Samurai seemed to be the one thing that stood out. Painted by Ben Taylor.  Read the rest of this entry…

720° Video Game Pin…

18th January, 2016

720° Video Game Pin go get one here before they go…

The Peace & Truce Of Future Of The Left

16th January, 2016

The Peace & Truce Of Future Of The Left out pretty soon… CAN’T WAIT.

Latest vinyl pick ups

12th January, 2016

Since I traded in a load of old 7″‘s it seems like I have been picking up as load of new and old music to listen too and glad I made the trade although they seem to be running out soon but I am sure I will pick up a good few more before my voucher dies.


6th January, 2016

I’ve not even played the game yet however before I did I thought why the hell not go and paint up what I need to play since you really don’t need much to play. I have two characters left which need painting but since they are the main ones I got Chris McGreevy to do them… soonish I hope.  Read the rest of this entry…

Baroness ‘Purple’

4th January, 2016

Baroness ‘Purple’ finally showed up… last time I pledge as cost £32 as a pre-order and then you can buy it for £17 once released… good job it’s a great record.

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