A year ++++

15th July, 2018

It has been a while but finally got some new ink and no I ain’t posting it as its not for your eyes.

Taco Sunday…

15th July, 2018

This place closed ages ago at the Tynemouth Market but today I found out it had a place in the city so guess where I went… man I will get fat all over again with these. And yes it’s a picture of food but dear me it is an exciting day.

It’s July already…

5th July, 2018

Well time flies when you have way to much to be doing but several updates on Static Age as the new Harder They Fall is out now and it has for some strange reason an interview with me in it so well worth your money just for that alone. Read the rest of this entry…


13th June, 2018

Got some S/A postcards made to send out with all orders and yeah exciting stuff I know. I also wanted to try the soft touch laminate and a new printer and both pass the test. Seems like two zines will be off to print in the next few weeks but more info soon…

Noah Zyla

10th June, 2018

So excited to announce that I am working with Noah Zyla on an up and coming zine for Static Age. More info coming in the next few weeks but zine is already well underway and looking at some nice simple layouts and paper stock.


9th June, 2018

These little gems showed up last week and yes I promised I would be updating this site more regularly but hey life is though (well kind of) and in all honestly I am just flat out busy and I do forget. Anyway the Ed Templeton book is awesome and it is also signed. Laters fuckers…

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