Future Of The Left Pledge Pedal

20th April, 2016

So it’s my brother and sister in-law so yeah I got one and hoping to try it out this week in the studio… Wish it was Friday already.

Vic & Bob…

20th April, 2016

Finally I get to see them and can’t belive I actually have the tickets.

ACxDC & Kill Holiday

16th April, 2016

One in the post and one reissue for Record Store Day although kind of sucks most people buying them don’t actually care.


13th April, 2016

Messing with Letterpress for the first time hoping to get some new business cards done but keeping them nice and simple.

New fabic…

13th April, 2016

Back in the studio and latest fabric print is all done. These new cushions will be ready for the Brighton Tattoo Convention at the end of the month.

eBay pickups

11th April, 2016

Just what I needed as sick of just having every pic on my phone or on my laptop. Having something in your hand is so much better and if it sucks then it sucks no deleting. Brighton in 3 weeks and Paris trip in 4 weeks so this is perfect for this.

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