High Level Bridge Newcastle

3rd October, 2016

High Level Bridge Newcastle shot with Polariod 340 Land Camera.

SX-70 Model 2

30th September, 2016

Picked up this SX-70 Model 2 for a steal and like the Brownie will be for sale in the coming months. Not sure if I will replace the skins as they are original and still look great but camera is tested and works perfectly. Some test shots will go up in next few weeks from this as a load of expired film has now landed.

Brownie Model D

29th September, 2016

Picked a few of these up to have a mess about with and also for the Static Age stall… oh wait yeah news to follow soon on that one.

Tynemouth Location Shoot

28th September, 2016

As much I love shooting film I do like and also have to shoot using digital as well.

Abandoned Farmhouse Part 1:

28th September, 2016

Abandoned Farmhouse Part 2 coming soon (I hope) but might take down either the I-1 or SX-70 with me next time for quickness. These where shot with a Polariod 340 Land Camera and Fuji FP-100 Silk film. Read the rest of this entry…

The greatest place is home…

25th September, 2016

Quick shot in Newcastle on Saturday to capture these and 4 others using the I-1 with expired film.

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