Beamish with an SX-70

19th September, 2016

Beamish Museum with an SX-70 and a pack of expired film. Not a huge fan of the colour boarders but happy with the 5 shots I had taken while down there. Read the rest of this entry…

Newcastle test shot

17th September, 2016

Just time for one pic today as takes a little longer to organise yourself, more film on way though.

340 Test Shots

17th September, 2016

Took the Polaroid 340 Land Camera out for a few test shots and pretty happy with the results. More film on the way so expect a load of updates with proper scans as well.

New wheels

16th September, 2016

Was about time but some 58’s this time as getting older makes things easier.

Polaroid 340

15th September, 2016

Always wanted one of these and now I have one, Polaroid 340 can’t wait test this out as I love the peel apart film (while I still can). Camera was on eBay with the battery conversion for £18.50 which is a steal. Test shots within a few weeks…

The Red Dot…

14th September, 2016

Finally fixed and ready to shoot.

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