Polaroid Week…

21st October, 2016

Just can’t beat an abandoned farmhouse with expired film armed with an SX-70 and I-1 camera.

Wednesday mornings…

19th October, 2016

A quick shot and pity it’s not straight but thought this would look nice as the guy who looks after them had just lined them up and he looked so happy with himself. I asked if he would pose but he was too shy and probably thought I was crazy which is a shame. Shot with a SX-70 and expired film.

Abandoned Farmhouse

18th October, 2016

Been wanting to shoot here for a long time now and although the light was terrible I managed to at least grab this one using a SX-70 Model 2.

Stocking up for Winter

10th October, 2016

You always have to be ready.

Neurosis ‘Fires Within Fires’

7th October, 2016

Neurosis ‘Fires Within Fires’ and about time.

Wild In The Streets

6th October, 2016

Straight Edge gang ready for Saturdays game of Wild In The Streets.

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