Saltwell Park and 350 Polaroid

31st October, 2016

Took my 350 down to take a few test shots after getting the battery pack upgraded and managed to shoot a few shots (not that easy with a crazy two year old running around) and happy with the results so the 340 will be for sale fairly soon.


31st October, 2016

Always and still the best to shoot… well close to instant film then.


28th October, 2016

One of the bands I am playing in, well shouting and first recording in December should be interesting.

Jason Lee ‘Bowie’ Deck

27th October, 2016

Bowie tribute reissue from Primewood LA… One of the bets skaters of all time and yeah you know who Jason Lee is (maybe not for skating but this board is so good and really stoked to have this hanging on my wall. Read the rest of this entry…

Paris in the Spring…

24th October, 2016

One of my favourite shots from Paris from earlier in the year.

Polaroid Week…

21st October, 2016

Just can’t beat an abandoned farmhouse with expired film armed with an SX-70 and I-1 camera.

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