Christmas Eve…

24th December, 2016

And I still drive around checking out new spots and things that catch my eye to take a few pics. I usually have about 2 different cameras with me and the 250 never lets me down. Looking forward to 2017 maybe a little too much as lets face it 2016 has been a strange one.

35mm Scans…

20th December, 2016

A few scans from in and around Newcastle using an Olympus OM10 and real film… yeah you heard. Read the rest of this entry…

St Mary’s Lighthouse (again)…

20th December, 2016

A few early morning shots from St Mary’s Lighthouse using the 250 and expired film, love the look of this film but only 3 shots left.
Read the rest of this entry…

Expired Polaroid 669 Film

19th December, 2016

Test shots with expired Polaroid 669 film which is about 15 years out of date and these look even nicer than the scan will show as well.

The 250

19th December, 2016

Great camera and solid to use the Polaroid 250 Land Camera is by far my camera of choice from this entire range and having tried about 6 different models this is the one that just felt right and captured what worked for me. So glad Christmas is coming so I can stock the fridge with as much film as possible before the supplies start to go and prices go up. Read the rest of this entry…

Expired Film?

16th December, 2016

Yes I have plenty of it now thanks for asking.

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