Super7 haul from SDCC

9th August, 2010

So another year passes but at least I am still able to grab some amazing releases from SDCC. Heres hoping that I can make next years but with loads of plans already not sure its going to happen.

Latest Mummy boy, Hooded Zombie, mini Gator’s and Mummy Boys along with my first Vampire Rose which is bloody nice and makes we wish I had bought them all. New releases this weekend coming so time to save a few pennies, that and some screen printing will round off a great weekend.

First screen print design finished ‘OneGod’

7th August, 2010

Finished off my first screen print design titled ‘OneGod’. I will be doing about 6 of these over the next two weeks on A4 and if they work well I want to increase the size to A2 and hopefully have it as part of my exhibition next year. Got 4 designs to do and have so many ideas it’s hard to pin down what and where I am going with them.

Looks like I will also have some custom vinyl Kaiju for the show, probably limited to 20 in total but more news to follow on those as only just sorted which ones they are going to be and its bloody exciting as managed to work out an awesome deal with one of my favourite toy makers.

Northern Fight League 17th October 2010

3rd August, 2010

I am part of the promotion Northern Fight League (NFL) and we have our next event booked and ready to go. NFL’s next event is at Liquid Night Club in Newcastle on Sunday 17th October, more info to follow but here is the first draft of flyer so please spread the word. We are now a Muay Thai promotion, no more MMA as the north has way to many these days.

This is going to be Newcastles biggest ever Thai boxing event as we have world title fights sanctioned through the UKMF. The format for the show will be two 4 man tournaments, each tournament will be b class rules, semi finals 3x2min rounds with the final being 5x2min rounds, the winner will recieve £500 plus the UKMF santiconed tournament belt (worth another £500).

More info coming soon…

HARUO NAKAJIMA signed photo

1st August, 2010

It’s not very often you grab a total bargin from eBay these days as everyone is trying it but I managed to grab this 8×10 photo signed by the legend HARUO NAKAJIMA. For those that do not know him, well fair enough he is not the most popular film actor for most people in the world but he was the man inside Godzilla, Ultraman and a ton of other Kaiju monsters over the years. Can’t wait to get this on the wall and I am sure the wife will be just as happy as I am…… but maybe that is just wishful thinking.

User Experience

30th July, 2010

Working on a huge project and really getting into the whole User Experience of website design and build. I actually think I am becoming more of a nerd by the minute but who cares when you’re having fun.

Unbroken in 5 weeks

28th July, 2010

Last year I popped over to Chicago to see a reunion show by the amazing Unbroken who are one of those bands that inspired me into making music and also the idea of Circa 77. This vid is taken from last years gig but only 5 weeks until I get to see them again in LA… I can’t wait for this trip.

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