Olympus Trip

8th March, 2017

Olympus Trip is a classic and will be perfect for 2017’s travel plans. 30 rolls of 35mm Agfa film in the fridge (Poundland deal of the year).

Ilford HP5 +

6th March, 2017

Latest scans of 120 Ilford HP5 Plus film.
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3rd March, 2017

First try and medium format and only a few sharp shots from the roll but since you only get 12 shots I am pleased with the results. Another roll of 120 and 2 more 35mm film have been sent for development so hopefully some more updates next week. Read the rest of this entry…

The City

22nd February, 2017

And that city is Newcastle one of the greatest places on earth.
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Seagull Twin Lens Reflex

21st February, 2017

The fixed Seagull Twin Lens Reflex ready to shoot… lets hope this time the winder doesn’t jam and waste another roll of film. Read the rest of this entry…

I-1 shots

21st February, 2017

It’s been a while since I took the I-1 out as the past few times it has produced how can I say but not the best results. This could have been because of the film or the light but either way it was starting to get on my nerves coming back with nothing to show other than disappointment and less cash in my pocket. However the sun was out so I stuck some 600 Impossible film and managed to get 6 great shots from the pack of 8 which I will scan and post as soon as I sort a new scanner.

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