First screen print finished…

21st August, 2010

So my first screen print and although I only had time to print a few I am more than happy with the final result. After I get back from holiday I will be working on my next design with a run of around 20 or 30 copies and A2 size this time.

With lack of time only two where in my eyes perfect so there are four test prints so drop me a message if you want one.

Kaiju Battle Exhibition now online

16th August, 2010

The 100 greatest Kaiju Battle Exhibition goes live this Saturday 21st August Le Studio Plastique. My first photography exhibition and an awesome project to be part of with some amazing entries from all over the world. If you would like any of these as high or low res images drop me a message and I will gladly sort them out for you.

Screen printing part one

14th August, 2010

I thought it would be nice to document the screen printing course. With only about 6 months until my first exhibition of works I thought it only wise to actually learn the art of screen printing instead of letting someone else do it for me, as lets face it that is kind of cheating. The plan is to have four A2 size prints along with some others pieces of work in the mix as well. Hopefully each print will have a limited run of 20 copies each and these will be on-sale at the exhibition and online along with a few other treats I am working on.

So as you can see screen is already and now just need to get printing. I should have a few copies of this so if you want one get in touch as only printing ten and half have gone already.

Max Toy Co x Rumble Monster ‘Damnedrons’

14th August, 2010

They have been out for a few years now but I finally managed to get these, and both at a crazy price. Still a few left to pick up but now its the big guns so it might take a few years to complete but I think thats half the fun.

Super7 haul from SDCC

9th August, 2010

So another year passes but at least I am still able to grab some amazing releases from SDCC. Heres hoping that I can make next years but with loads of plans already not sure its going to happen.

Latest Mummy boy, Hooded Zombie, mini Gator’s and Mummy Boys along with my first Vampire Rose which is bloody nice and makes we wish I had bought them all. New releases this weekend coming so time to save a few pennies, that and some screen printing will round off a great weekend.

First screen print design finished ‘OneGod’

7th August, 2010

Finished off my first screen print design titled ‘OneGod’. I will be doing about 6 of these over the next two weeks on A4 and if they work well I want to increase the size to A2 and hopefully have it as part of my exhibition next year. Got 4 designs to do and have so many ideas it’s hard to pin down what and where I am going with them.

Looks like I will also have some custom vinyl Kaiju for the show, probably limited to 20 in total but more news to follow on those as only just sorted which ones they are going to be and its bloody exciting as managed to work out an awesome deal with one of my favourite toy makers.

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