Steve Byrne Tattoo

16th September, 2010

So I made this video just over a year ago and thought I would re-post it up as Steve is over in the UK at the minute and lets face it he is one the best in the world. It’s such a shame the book never took off and got finished but that’s just what happens sometimes. Hopefully some other projects will come off from all the work that was put into the book.

Mishka Bootleg finally in the collection

15th September, 2010

I finally got hold of a Mishka Bootleg. Took a while to track one down which wasn’t going at crazy eBay prices so another great addition to the collection and that’s three in one week as well, so a good week all in all and its only Wednesday.

My bother is a legend

15th September, 2010

Not sure why is has taken me ages to post this up as I did see it over a month ago. But this is a proud moment for my brother who plays in the incredible band Future Of The Left. Check the link here

Back to the grind

11th September, 2010

So it’s back to the grind but I am looking forward to a new set of projects and to finishing off a few old ones. The rest of the year is looking busy with a few trips planned to Manchester and Edinburgh along with getting myself down the studio to get some screen printing done. Got so many ideas in my sketch book it’s now time to get them ready.

I have also started planning 2011 and being honest can’t wait to get started on some of those plans but I have plenty to keep me going until then and I must find some time to get out on my bike before the horrid weather comes back.

America Part 1

31st August, 2010

Part 1 of my American trip is nearly all done and it’s pretty sad as leaving my best mate, and his family after a week is going to suck. Good news that next year is already being planned. Today I am off getting tattooed then off to watch some bands so a good way to chill and say goodbye before tomorrows flight to LA where part two of this trip will start.

Loads of updates when I get home though as updating this from my iPhone is pretty rubbish.

The ammo shells are from a night of shooting guns, a Magnum and a Smith and Weston 45 caliber, class fun.

First screen print finished…

21st August, 2010

So my first screen print and although I only had time to print a few I am more than happy with the final result. After I get back from holiday I will be working on my next design with a run of around 20 or 30 copies and A2 size this time.

With lack of time only two where in my eyes perfect so there are four test prints so drop me a message if you want one.

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