Future Of The Left website re-design

20th October, 2010

So I am pleased to say that I have started working on the Future Of The Left website re-design. Wireframes coming thick and fast as I want to have this being built within the next few weeks. If I stick to the plan then no problems.

Also a quick update on the screen printing front, I am back in the studio the last Saturday of this month so anyone who has pre-ordered the Mickey Trooper your order will be shipped first week of November.

The Locust ‘Peel Sessions’

19th October, 2010

Took a little while to pick this up but have to say its friggin just as good as I wanted it to be, The Locust ‘Peel Session’ is incredible. One of those bands I remember seeing and playing with on their first UK tour and was blown away by. You either love em or hate em but who cares what you think, as to me they are one of the greatest bands of all time.

Kaws in Hong Kong

15th October, 2010

Well I didn’t manage to go out to Hong Kong for the latest Kaws exhibition but my good friend James girlfriend lives there and she popped down to take some pics for me. Damn it looks good and a few catalogs from the show are flying over as well which is sweet as a nut.

The postman bringeth

14th October, 2010

So back from Germany and it was a very successful trip and on my return these buggers showed up in the mail. Two Hedorahs by Gargamel and both very different but equally as amazing.

Next few weeks are going to be crazy and the end of the month will see me back into the studio to crack out the Mickey Trooper prints.

Haruo Nakajima strutting his stuff

7th October, 2010

OK I normally don’t just post other peoples photos but this has to be one of my all time favorites of Haruo Nakajima tearing up the studious as Godzilla. I have just got hold a signed photo of him as well but this signed would be a real must have. Anyway back to the grind and by that I mean listening to Rotten Sound and shit go pick up the new Swings Kids tracks from iTunes as they rule. The 7″ is on pre-order as well from 31G.

C77 pin badges finally here…

6th October, 2010

So the C77 pin badge set is finally here and well lets say I know they are small but dang they look good. These are free with any order so what you doing here drop by the 73-77 store and pick them up.

On a serious note I am flat out busy at the minute and enjoying every second of it, I have so much going on in my little head that its starting to make me sleep less as I am thinking of more ideas all the time. I have some done so many print sketches and designs that I need to start getting shares in Moleskin notebooks.

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