First test prints

23rd September, 2010

Just got back from making the screen for the MickeyTrooper and got three test prints out the way. Just one small problem with the right foot but I just quickly sorted the screen and all good to go for Saturdays marathon. Going to make this an edition of 40 prints in total, maybe two different types of paper but lets see what the tests are like first.

The past two weeks, probably since I got back from holidays I have for some reason been on the hunt for some new records and especially over the past few days I have managed to get some incredible new releases. The new Burning Love album, Vaccine demo, Black Cobra, Knut, Narrows, Bitter End, The Sword, Rotten Sound and Torches latest all of which are rocking my stereo and my headphones at work. So many amazing releases and if you can try and pick up the Inception soundtrack as that to is bloody good, espcially to work too and so easy on the ears. Anyway thats enough of my new musical rant but if you get the chance go check all those bands out if you have never heard em.

Fingers crossed I will have the MickeyTrooper all finished on Saturday as got a full day booked in the studio, so pictures to follow Saturday evening. Hoping to get 20 done on the first run and if they shift then I will look at another colour range, maybe on metallic paper? who knows…

SCM launch characters

21st September, 2010

SCM have just put up the character designs I did and its cool to see them being used now. I can’t wait to see the visuals for the exhibition stand as the mook-ups looked amazing. I am sure the campaign will be a huge success and was a pleasure being involved all those months ago.

Weekend pick ups

20th September, 2010

So from time to time you manage to pick up some sweet things in charity shops and I stumbled on this awesome painted mask for £6 from Oxfam. Got a huge week ahead with work and also hitting the screen printing studio on Thursday so loads of pics and updates over the next week.

Screen print ideas a flowing

16th September, 2010

So I have been doing loads of new designs for my next few screen prints and here are a few which could be getting done next week. My obsession with Star Wars will probably mean I do a whole series based on it and my other obsession of skulls will also feature heavily in my up and coming work. The skull design will probably be a small run of 20 or 30 and will go up on my online store once I have everything in place.

Exciting times over the next few months so keep checking back for more updates…

Steve Byrne Tattoo

16th September, 2010

So I made this video just over a year ago and thought I would re-post it up as Steve is over in the UK at the minute and lets face it he is one the best in the world. It’s such a shame the book never took off and got finished but that’s just what happens sometimes. Hopefully some other projects will come off from all the work that was put into the book.

Mishka Bootleg finally in the collection

15th September, 2010

I finally got hold of a Mishka Bootleg. Took a while to track one down which wasn’t going at crazy eBay prices so another great addition to the collection and that’s three in one week as well, so a good week all in all and its only Wednesday.

Portfolio of work


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Online Store

New store facelift here C77 . Static Age Volume 01 is now sold out and Volume 02 will hopefully be send to print in the next few weeks for a November release. Last few prints and fabrics online for the 2016/17 season.