Happy Christmas

18th December, 2010

So its that time of year again that everyone goes mental and has fights and eats to much. For me on the second rule applies but for the past few months I think I have smashed it many a time and in 2011 I will be back on track training again at the gym getting punched in the face and hopefully after the rust comes off will be getting my own back.

2010 has been a hell of a year in so many ways and I am really looking forward to 2011 and I have so many plans its going to be a blinding year. One thing I am working on is to get some work in an exhibition but tha’ts just me being excited and impatient but I guess good things happens to those who wait?

Anyway I hope everyone has a great Christmas as I know I will be…

Latest Super7 Mummy Gator

9th December, 2010

The collection is really starting to build up and I have to say that I love these releases. Plus the Mrs seems to like them so double bonus all round. New mini is released in a few weeks as well so as soon as I get it in I will post a collection shot.

On that note with Christmas is coming, I will have some time off to so expect a load of new designs ready to be screen printed in the new year and also the huge task of photographing my entire toy collection which will take a fair old while.

Get your prints for Christmas

6th December, 2010

New Kaws book

30th November, 2010

So I have had this on pre-order as soon as I knew it was coming out and also saved myself a load for doing so. Kaws is one of my favourite artists and I do have one or two of his toys but having this book is just so good to be able to see some of his works you are never going to see without spending hours online searching for them.

Oh the Day Of The Dead prints will go on-sale in the next few days. I was going to get them up tonight but to be honest I am tired and can’t find the time to sort them.

Max Toy minis

25th November, 2010

So It took a little while to pick some of these up but so glad I got these 2 from the set of 5. Around 2″ tall the detail is very impressive and now make we want to get em all, which is a bad thing on the wallet. Some new painted versions have just been released and with such a low price tag you should defo be picking these up.

Another day in the studio

20th November, 2010

So I spend another day half a sleep cracking on with my latest print ‘Death & Honor’. All the prints are now screened and I have done 5 in total which are finished so just another 20 to go. I am using markers and paint to get the right feel for each print and if you have not read my previous posts about project then to make it simple each print will be coloured so each is individual. I guess the pic here shows the first four so you probably get the picture.

Cheers for the emails and questions a few of you have been sending over. Hopefully I will be announcing some exciting news soon but keep checking for updates.

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