Rest In Peace… Macbook…

18th January, 2011

Well the laptop is now dead so off to Apple it goes and lets hope its not going to cost hundreds but we will see. I might have to just go buy a new one as working on an iMac just isn’t the same. This Super7 SSSS Mummy Boy has helped the pain a little though.

A slow start to getting myself back in the studio but I am putting plenty of sketches together and things are starting to fall into place. I just need to make time more than anything as since Christmas I got the whole sitting about playing Medal Of Honor online and that ain’t healthy but it is fun.

Started on another project this month as well which will really get 2011 off to a flying start but more news on that when it happens. Oh and lastly the form on here is working fine now so if you want to contact me you can use that again.

Small Kaiju package

9th January, 2011

Just got my hands on the Super7 SSSS Mummy Gator and new exclusive t-shirt plus the new Vampire Rose and awesome Mini Gator. Just a few for the time being but I am sure by the end of this month a few more treats will land on my doorstep.

Future Of The Left in Australia

7th January, 2011

Updates for 2011

5th January, 2011

With the new year now in full effect I have a huge list what to do for 2011 both professional and personal. First off I am back in he studio in a few weeks printing my first print of the year and this one is going to be a little bigger and limited to 10 copies only. Probably because it will take some time to get it right, but we will see.

7377 will also be getting shifted around a little with maybe even a name change and with adding some new artists as the whole project will be growing massively in the coming months. A larger website and much better store with tuns more art and things to spend your cash on.

As for travel well… lets see what the year brings as no real plans, maybe a short tour with my new band in Europe and also trip at the end of the year to New York to have a bit of a spending spree. I am working on a few things which might give me the opportunity to travel around but some of these might not take off until 2012 but good things come to those who wait.

My contact form is not working at the minute as well, as the recent WordPress update for some reason made the form go crazy with spam mail being sent through so if you need anything just send an email.

Vans makeith the man

29th December, 2010

More Christmas presents I know but a new pair of Vans needs it’s own blog post.

Santa dropped off a few new toys

29th December, 2010

2010 has been a strange year however the only consistent thing that has always been awesome has been the toys and kaiju I have picked up along the way. Christmas was a pretty good haul and grabbed some sweet deals and the fact I ain’t paid for these makes them that much better, especially since my wife went out on a limb and got me the amazing Tron prototype and also the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man from back in the day (1984 to be exact).

2011 just around the corner and I see loads of amazing things happening so now looking forward to get it all started.

And of course never forget that everyone needs a Super Mario in the home.

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