Just 23 more to go

15th November, 2010

Still got a load to get done but by the end of the week I should have half done.

First of the batch done

14th November, 2010

Here is the first of the ‘Death & Honor’ prints and just another 24 to go. Each one will be different which will take some time but it will be well worth it when they are done. Done with ink, paint, water colour and markers the final prints all will be individual and sorry but buying them will be lucky dip so you will not know which one you will be getting until you take it out the tube. This kind of makes it whole thing a little more fun don’t you think?

Death & Honor print

11th November, 2010

So I have been in the studio again and yeah I had a few problems with rubbish screens and wasted at least 2 hours but I did get 12 of these bad boys printed (13 more to print) and I can now get on with painted each of them to look all different.

Using the same colour pallet I will be making each print individual by hand painting them all in different colour schemes. Yeah it will take a while but I think the finished print will be well worth it and everyone who buys one will have a one off.

Paul Kaiju custom RealxHead

9th November, 2010

I was lucky enough to pick up a few gems the past few weeks and this is another one. An amazing Paul Kaiju custom RealxHead which was done for SuperFestival in Japan, and only two of these where painted.

Acetates arrive tomorrow for so very excited for Thursdays print.

M1 Matango

8th November, 2010

Nice score of a M1 Matango showed up today, nothing much more to say I guess other than back in the studio printing this Thursday evening so some updates then. That is of course a few more bits of Kaiju show up.

Look what came in the post…

2nd November, 2010

Great day today, the Pushead Siamese Captain and the Super7 unpainted GID Mummy Boy all showed up this morning. Altogether a very good day and along with some records from 31G that just topped it all off.

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