ANB + ANS split 5″

11th February, 2011

ANB + ANS split 5″ doing some Gang Green covers. Everyone loves a bit of Agoraphobic Nosebleed and I can’t wait to stick this on the stereo. The new Total Fucking Destruction lp came today as well and damn nice blue vinyl, pics to follow later.

OH and the best news ever, my Macbook Pro is fixed and is being picked up tonight so expect loads of pics holding my baby as she returns home with a nice new logic board and the best thing is…. IT COST ME NOW’T as i was a known problem on my make of laptop.

New Bellroy wallet

10th February, 2011

I needed a new wallet and treated myself this this little bastard. Its called the super slim wallet or something like that but either way its amazing. Great design and just the right size which is perfect for people like me who fold their notes and like nice things.

Northern Wolfpack

7th February, 2011

Back from the dead again for North East band Control

The February updates…

7th February, 2011

…so its been a very bust start to the year and February is already looking like I will have very little time to sit about and complain. Some very exciting projects coming up this year and already I have two of them in motion making my social life a little strained but that’s not always a bad thing.

I am hitting the studio in a week to prep my screen and get my paper sorted for my next design which will be ??? well you will have to wait but it will be around 12″ squared and have three colours to it. A nice simple design just to get me back into the process after two months of no printing. This will also just be limited to 10 copies only and as of now all my prints will get the same number run apart from my Disney/Star Wars collection, which will be kicking off again with the next print sometime in the next few months.

The wedding invites I have done for my cousins wedding are now approved and here is a sneak peak of the design. As soon as everything comes back from the printers I will stick a picture up.

Mark Nagata custom

2nd February, 2011

I love collecting art but usually it’s just way to expensive but luckily you can always rely on other Kaiju enthusiasts to help you out. Usually I would see one of these around the £250 plus mark but I scored thus bugger for £38 and that is a bargain for a hand painted toy by the legend Mark Nagata. I love the sculpted on the Tripus and the regular releases usually sell for more than I paid for this so it’s a very welcome addition to the collection.

The wedding invites I am doing are pretty much all ready for print but one last proof and off they go. Designing for family is way harder than I think people would give you credit for and with it also being a wedding it makes it even more personal but I got it nailed and pics will go up next week.

I lost some Wisdom

27th January, 2011

For the first time in… 20 years I find myself at the hands of the evil dentists as the pain over the past few days has been killing me. After being told to get down for 7am I found myself sitting reading the signs, one of which reading in very small letters ‘reception open at 8.30am’. Oh the joy filled my body and for one split second the pain in my mouth disappeared. Pitty it only came back with a vengeance.

Before I bore you with the details of the day I would firstly like to talk about the people who are also waiting in line. One man with his head in his hands, could be dead? Another couple who look like they hate each other as they ain’t spoken in over an hour followed by the sports chav in all his sporting goods. I know I an no fashion icon but fuck me, Nike, Adidas, Puma and lord behold Umbro is really a little over the top? Especially for this time in the morning but I guess each to his own.

Then in came the proud mother and father with new baby and well let’s just say that according to them they had priority, thankfully the mad bloke in the hat and the couple who hated each other both said sorry you have to wait your turn which made me not feel as bad when I also turned down their request to jump the line.

Anyway the clock seemed to move way to slow and by (sorry someone came in wearing stone wash jeans, man that’s hip) so at 9.30am I go in, by 10 I have an X-ray and by 10.20 the bugger is out. Now I am not the greatest with pain or needles but this wasn’t half as bad as I thought it would be and straight after I could feel the pain going away. That is until now as now it feels like I have been hit in the face with a hammer.

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