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24th February, 2011

So I was asked recently what was the reason I still played in bands? my answer was simple “I love it” although getting older and working as much as possible can hinder just how much time you have and unfortunately you just can’t get all the time you want to spend doing it. I have been playing in bands for nearly 20 years now, regardless of how good or bad they where the only reason I did them was to have fun and if that was not working then it had to go.

I am currently playing for a new band called ‘Grace’ who is made up of ex-members of bands I have played with for over 10 years so I guess I know them all pretty well and how we write and play together. I am lucky knowing that every band I have played with I have managed to always play with what I would consider one of the best drummers around in the UK scene Adam Gowland, who is without doubt bloody amazing. I wasn’t sure what I would be doing music wise and thankfully I have ‘Grace’ and hopefully two more bands starting up soon.

I guess I am only thinking about this as being asked always gives you a second to respond and later reflect on what you said and the more you think about it the more I get excited about what I have done and what I can do next. Playing in bands which, yeah might not be ground breaking, really doesn’t matter at all. I love music that has ‘balls’ and some emotion to it. To me playing in hardcore/punk bands is merely more than just picking up a guitar and playing, the whole reason for me was I had something to say and playing in bands seemed like the best way to express that. Over time you do become a little jaded with what your trying to do and the fun was more in the playing than why you where playing.

I say this as I am currently writing lyrics for the first ‘Grace’ recordings and they seem to be going back to how I used to write and think where as the last ‘Jinn’ album, all those lyrics where pretty lame, in fact they sucked badly. 2011 is going to be a good and productive year for me both professionally and personally, which will include playing as much as possible and recording and getting a few new records out as its been a few years since the last one.

Another reason for this ramble was the fact that for the past year at work I have to listen to popular shitty music everyday and although I am accused of being a music snob which I don’t mind if that means I have an opinion, as I would rather not sit and say nothing as lets face it that’s just not me. Know lets listen to some proper music…

The picture was taken maybe 6 years ago in London when Jinn had just released our first 2 records, sorry I don’t know the date and I am playing bass and singing like an angel…

Vengeance Of Gaia

22nd February, 2011

So I have been playing in bands for years but this is the demo of my first proper band Vengeance Of Gaia. I played guitar even though I played bass for years before hand and had never played the guitar it was kind just lets buy one and see what happens. We played a load of shows but enough of that have a listen for yourself as here is the demo for you to download and enjoy at your leisure. Oh and this was around 1996… Just right click and save target as to download them or just click to play in browser.

01 Venom
02 Vengeance Symphony & (03) The Myth
04 Trauma

The Black Hole

21st February, 2011

If you have never seen this film well now you should go and buy it. I picked up this for £4 from Play.com and have after looking for it for ages and man it brings back memories, such an amazing film.

Oh the Future Of The Left website will also start to take shape this weekend so some pics when they ha

Hand painted Super7 Mummy

16th February, 2011

Hand painted Super7 Mummy Boy by the man himself Mr Brian Flynn. Its taken a while to grab one of these but I guess I was in the right place at the right time. Also in the box was the latest mini versions of the Mummy Boy and Mummy Gator, both awesome in there own right.

I got a 1TB hard drive on its way as well to make sure I back up everything in one place as at the minute I have them split over 2 smaller ones and my mind just can’t cope with the stress anymore remembering where the hell anything is.

Latest Vaccine records

16th February, 2011

I got home and look what showed up? thats right the new Vaccine 5″ vinyl and also their Human Hatred 7″.

New setup

14th February, 2011

So after more than a month, sorry two, I finally got my laptop back. Not sure why it took so long.. oh wait I do its other people being idiots and not pulling their fingers out to get it sorted. Anyway a quick visit to the Apple store and well it started out badly when I walked in and the staff where high-fiving each other after a huge sale, I did want to walk straight out as this sort of behaviour boils my piss. So… they look at it and go ‘UMMMMMM’ so I said that i had heard there was a problem with my model (really I had no proof I just tried it on, oh sorry other than a friend saying a few weeks back it could have a problem they know about) so he checked the serial and holy shit in hell they said it was one of the models which was covered.

24 hours later I go and pick it and and its working better than ever, plus I got a bill for £420 and the best bit I didn’t have to pay a penny. Man thats darn good customer service. So with my laptop back and running I decided to go and stick another monitor on the side and managed to score this for free and its not some shitty model either so all in all a bloody good week. Oh and I managed to grab this mouse for £6 on eBay and its perfect so one hell of a good week.

In the next week I got a load of vinyl and vinyl toys showing up and also some more print designs popping up so keep tuned.

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