ToyPunks mascot by Mike Giant

14th March, 2011

So this has been in production for bloody ages but the ToyPunks mascot by Mike Giant was well worth the wait. The sculpt and size (8″) make this an instant classic for me. Not sure if they will be doing anymore colour-ways but looking at it I think it would be nicer just to leave it the way it is.

Its a good start to the year

11th March, 2011

Although it was a last minute addition I got my first print up on a wall at the latest Northern Print exhibition. The ‘No Place Like Home’ print hanging on the wall was something that I would have only dreamt of last year as lets not forget I first started printing last October.

On another amazing note all the ‘Mickey Trooper’ prints have now all sold out, so a huge thanks to everyone that has bought one, its a massive thing for me that people are out there buying my work. I have so much planned for 2011 so keep a look out for more of my works…

Hour Of The Wolf double vinyl extravaganza

8th March, 2011

This is one sweet package to get in the mail, the latest Hour Of The Wolf recordings and part of the deal you get a matching Mummy Boy to make the deal as sweet as can be. Hank the guitarist and long time toy collector worked closely with Super7 for this to happen and all his hard work has paid off.

You also get a digital version of the record so if you like toys and some punk rock go on over to their store and pick this set up before it goes for good.

No Place Like Home…

5th March, 2011

… well lets face it there isn’t… I was only going to do one of these as it was a present for my mam (yeah I am one big softy) but I printed a second which is now hanging on the walls of the Northern Print Centre in Newcastle as part of the latest exhibition. It does however stop next week so drop by if you want to have a look.

I am back in the studio at the end of the month and in between that I will be hitting some walls with some new works as well, March is turning out to be busy as hell, very exciting times ahead.

OK lets step it up a little then…

3rd March, 2011

I love my home town, (that’s sunny Newcastle if you don’t know) but there is a lack of any artworks in the area which appear on the streets. There has been a few things over the years but nothing that has lasted or nothing which keeps happening so I thought why not just go for whole DIY approach. I have spotted some places around the area which could lets face it do with some nice spots of artwork to help brighten it up. I am hoping that by doing this other artists will have a go themselves and we can start to see some exciting works appear around the city, and of course over time start to spread across the country.

If you read this and fancy getting involved in some sort of collaboration then get in touch as lets face it the more people who do it the more art we can see hit the street. Plus I have never done this before and feel free to drop some advice as any comments are always welcome.

As for some screen printing? well I hit the studio this Saturday and the new print will be for sale later that night so keep checking back…

SAU895 – Saucony ProGrid Stabil CS Running Shoes

25th February, 2011

Nothing to exciting but I really needed these as my old ones where smashed to hell.

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