York & Newcastle Scans

29th May, 2017

Just a few from the past month of 120mm and 35mm black & whites shot in York and Newcastle. Read the rest of this entry…

Stop… Development Time

26th May, 2017

A few Agfa 35mm scans for your viewing pleasure. Read the rest of this entry…


22nd May, 2017

It might be about 20 years since I watched Canvas as they split but was like that never happened. Was good to see they still have it and still sounds current as well. Nice dudes and good friends was great sharing a stage again.

ROLLEIFLEX Compur Rapid Twin Lens Camera

16th May, 2017

I think since I was about 16 I always wanted to shoot a medium format camera and ROLLEIFLEX was always top of the list and now with some amazing eBay sniper skills I bagged this for so cheap it’s crazy. I does need a little cosmetic work but all the functions work and can’t wait to take this out for a test roll. Read the rest of this entry…

Signed copy of Fay Godwin’s ‘Land’

13th May, 2017

Picked up from Barter Books in Alnwick for £20 or free as I had a load of credit still which I had forgotten about. Read the rest of this entry…

XP2 Scans

10th May, 2017

First of the month and a slow month so far but more to come and a ton in June. Read the rest of this entry…

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