Static Age Volume 2

6th July, 2017

Static Age Volume 2 in the works, will be ready as soon as possible but looking like an August release.

Neighbourhoods Zine

29th June, 2017

Neighbourhoods Zine by Patti Simpson from Denton Texas, and as well as the zine she put a awesome note along with a print which yes will be framed and stuck on the wall. Read the rest of this entry…

The French Rivera

23rd June, 2017

A few FP-3000 peel apart shots from my trip to the The French Rivera last week. I have 7 rolls off for development so expect a load of posts at the end of the month or first few days of July. I am also still thinking about moving all my photography to my other site Static Age but that could take a little while for things to happen as the site needs a total fresh design and then someone to build it but a new zine is in the works which will be out mid July if all goes to plan. A mix of medium format, 35mm and also Polaroid but this time sized at A5 with a little more room for the images to breath. I am going to make a start to the portrait zine once I know the M3 is working as it should which will hopefully be in a few weeks. Read the rest of this entry…

Leica M3

23rd June, 2017

Seems like June is one month where posts are at an all time low but it has been a crazy month and just not enough time to update things here for a while. To balance that I thought I would post up my birthday present and yeah it was my 40th but nothing to worry about as I picked up this Leica M3 and although I can’t afford the Leica lens I have ordered a Russian version so hopefully will get a test roll smashed out over the weekend. Read the rest of this entry…

The new 40K

22nd June, 2017

It was coming we all knew it but I finally have my copy of the new 40K box set which looks so good, can’t wait to get these back and ready to try out although that could be a while as I have a huge amount already being painted so could even be Christmas by the time these come back as a set. Read the rest of this entry…

Let the games begin…

2nd June, 2017

So with my 40th birthday looming (although I don’t really care) I was surprised last night when Chris McGreevy showed up with my human Blood Bowl team with an added birthday gift which turned out to be one of the most thoughtful presents I have had in years (I am not getting emotional). Grak and Crumbleberry Star Players now smashing heads in on the pitch… Cheers Chris. Read the rest of this entry…

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