Still kicking…

22nd April, 2018

No posts here for the past few months as all my time and effort has been going into Static Age and although I am still unsure what and which direction C77 will take I feel like I can’t just let it die off slowly so new posts will start coming again but will be more than likely be more of a mix and not just about Static Age as that can be found on Instagram. More soon…

Static Life Issue 1 OUT NOW

21st January, 2018

Static Life Issue 1 OUT NOW Read the rest of this entry…

Still Life Pre-orders up now…

5th January, 2018

Go get it here…

Sycamore Gap shot with M3 & HP5

4th January, 2018

Few shots from trip to Sycamore Gap a few weeks ago and until the Static Age site is up and running then I will continue to post on here. My new zine is being delivered tonight so fingers crossed I will have it up for sale in a few days but would like to have new site done so it all can launch together. Read the rest of this entry…

Still Life issue 1

1st January, 2018

Coming soon…

New kicks

30th December, 2017

Well not for kicking but 4 months in the gym and although I don’t need them I had to pick them up with 70% off saving a load of cash.

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New store facelift here Static Age. Static Age Volume 01 is now sold out and Volume 02 is up right now so go spend all your money.


This website is to showcase my work from different parts of my career, what I like and to capture what I am doing at the moment. If you would like a list of my published works just get in touch.

I try and update this site every few days/weeks usually with pictures of work, toys, music and other happenings in my life.